Koa Staff

David Behlke

Director/ Curator of the Koa Gallery

David Behlke was born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in Minnesota. He has lived in Hawaii since 1992 and has been director of the Koa Gallery at Kapi'olani Community College since 1994. He has shown his own work regularly in the Honolulu art scene since his arrival. Prior to his move to the Islands he managed the prestigious Wenger Gallery in Los Angeles and has been involved in higher education for the past twenty-five years.

In his capacity as gallery director, educator and artist Behlke looks at thousands of works of art each year. "What I look for in a work of art is originality, some technical control and the ability of the artist to be self expressive. Can this person show me something about themselves as well as the world we live in and do it without using cliché's?"

While making art Behlke becomes totally involved in the creative process and time stands still. "I can work for the entire afternoon making art and think only 15 minutes has passed," the artist said. During a summer workshop at the Banff Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Banff Alberta Canada, Behlke learned that in the making of art energy comes through him, not as direct reflection of the ego but as conduit of energy. According to the artist, "ever since Banff I know that if I can just get out of my own way the creative energy will come to me and through me. After I have been working for a period of time I can almost step back and watch myself paint. That's when I know I'm in the zone".

David Behlke works in a variety of media, drawing, painting in acrylics and recently he has returned to oils, he is fond on integrating areas of glitter in some of his more whimsical work. He also designs and fabricates leaded stained glass and designs etched glass windows for commercial and domestic settings.

Rosie Eckerman

Gallery Manager

Rosie is a student within the New Media Arts program, with a focus on Interface Design. She has been at the gallery going on five years, and is very grateful for the knowledge that it has brought her. Upon her graduation of the NMA program, she plans to move to Berkeley to start her career as well as a family.

Rosie comes from an extremely artistic family and, naturally, is in love with art. She loves to photograph, paint, sketch, mold, bend, and do so many other things to any materials that she can get her hands on, especially in the kitchen.